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Get a New Stylish Office Look! 2017春夏Office Look指南

Posted by Flavia Lee on

You do not have to bored yourself, your can create your own stylish daily office ootd (ootd=the look of today). Be fabulous everyday! 

Here are some 2017 S/S trends you need to know before you go for a big shopping! 

Mid waist is still sexy: Mid waisted items can lengthened your proportion. Who wouldn't love a long legs and a golden proportion?

Sleeves matters: Flairies sleeves, flared sleeves, tied sleeves, over sized sleeves, there are many types of sleeves to enlight your daily office ootd.

Do not go short: A short hot skirt can spiced up your look, but mid-length beauty your look, and look like a lady.

Nude is the new black: Forget the bright pink colors, from pale pink to nude on the platte could be your new black. So, pick the one that suit your skin color and play with it.

Be brave to be a little different: Be confident. Be comfortable of what you are wearing, feel good of your own skin. This is 1000 times better than a luxury bag. 

Stay Fab! Smile more! :)





衣袖的重要:飄逸仙子袖,喇叭袖,特長袖,蝴蝶結袖,一雙特色衣袖絕對能為你的office ootd (ootd=當日的打扮) 增加一百分!




人生太短,所以要美麗。(還有,多笑點喔!) :)


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