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4 Office Shoe Styles Every Woman Should Own 上班族必須要擁有的鞋款

Posted by Flavia Lee on

Your Weekly Office Shoes


Wake up at 7am, brush your teeth, lotion, makeup, straighten the hair, put your clothes on, stuff your bag...Wait! What about the shoes? Here are some inspirations for you! 



Comfy Flats 舒適平底鞋

When to wear: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday



Easy choice! When you feel you need to be cozy and comfortable, a pair of flats is your choice (especially on a Monday).



Bright Killer Heels 搶鏡高跟鞋

When to wear: Thursday, Friday


OK! A killer heels is definitely here to help for ladies night after work! (Girls! Don't go home after dinner!)



SweetHeart Choice 甜心選擇 

When to wear: Weekend


If you need to work on the weekends (I hope you don't have to), no worries, wear something baby pastel that can sweeten up your mood. 



Steal His Loafers 懶人鞋

When to wear: Anytime 


Who says professional have to be dressed oh so formally? Be different and stay chic with a pair of loafers. 




 Be fab! Be beautiful! xoxo 美麗沒時限!



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