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Style Tips To Get Ready In The Morning Even Faster 輕鬆完成裝扮小貼士

Posted by Cammy Chan on

I am not a morning person and am not a stranger to the mad morning dash to dress stylishly and still get to work on time. I think my fingers aren’t even enough to count the number of times my equally fashion-conscious peers have been late to work just because they couldn’t decide on the right shoes to wear. Have the same problem? No fear, just follow my favourite style tips below to speed up your morning routines.

1. Plan your outfit the night before 預早準備明天的裝扮

Have you ever fumbled around desperately in your closet in the morning, coming to the ultimate conclusion that you, again, have nothing to wear? No, you have clothes (look at that bursting wardrobe). However, you are just making things more difficult for yourself by leaving the outfit selection process to the morning. The groggy you in the morning is definitely not in the best state or mood to make decisions so the less decisions you have to make, the less stressed you’ll be getting ready.
My mom always nagged me to prepare my outfit the night before a school day and that has become a habit that has saved my life every single morning of my adulthood. I now even go to the extent of arranging my clothes in the sequence I’ll put them on, meaning lingerie on the top of the pile every time. This way, I can be on auto-pilot every morning, saving me both time and frustration.

2. ‘Iron’ your clothes in the shower 在洗澡時熨衣服

I admit that I am pretty lazy, so one thing I don’t do is iron my shirts. Hence, an easy hack that I use so regularly that it isn’t a hack to me anymore is to hang my wrinkled shirt in the bathroom while I bathe in the morning. The steam will ease away the wrinkles instantaneously and, viola, once you’re out of the shower, you have a non-wrinkled to slip into. Killed two birds with one stone! I’ve tried this for skirts and dresses too to great success.

3.  Have work shoes that match everything 擁有一雙百搭的鞋子

It is fine to have a few crazy shoes that don’t seem to go with anything but you just love. However, they are not the best choice when you’re all frazzled in the morning and just want to put together a stylish outfit to get out of that door. When it comes to prepping for work, try to stick to the basics. My classic nude pointed ­­flats go with any outfit ever, and if I want to polish myself a little more, I will strut off confidently in my black pumps.

Take care of your feet and make sure that these shoes are also comfortable. It may cost a pretty penny more, but I assure you that it’ll all be worth it when you find yourself wearing it multiple days a week. 


4. Organise your jewellery 好好放置你的首飾

Have you ever decided that a particular necklace will be perfect for your outfit, only to fall into dismay when you find that necklace trapped in a fierce tangle with probably a thousand other ones? This is a tragic lesson that we must all learn from, so always keep your jewellery organised, starting from keeping chains away from each other. Personally as an earring aficionado, one of my best investments in this area was to get an earring rack so I can see all my options in a single glance every morning. Before I would have been just digging around my messy jewellery rack, just trying to find even two matching earrings. 


5. Have a permanent backup outfit 準備一套永遠百搭的「後備」衣服

You have meticulously planned your outfit the night before but when you put it on in the morning, you realise that it just doesn’t sit quite right. This may be due to just fickle fashion sensibilities (happens to all of us) or a rouge tear in your skirt that you have no idea even existed. This is when the b­­ackup outfit comes in handy. It may be a classic black dress or a simple shirt and skirt combo that you’ve worn before and knows fits you. Not the most exciting, but it works and you haven’t got the time to recreate a new outfit from the shambles of your closet.

原則上在前一晚已經準備好明天的衣服,但有時候你會突然覺得這裝扮不配襯,這時候你需要一套百搭的 「後備」 衣服,可能是一條簡約的黑色運身裙或是普通的襯衫及裙子,它可能不是最有心思的裝扮,但絕對能在重要時刻幫助到你!

 6. Add one accessory that makes you happy  以首飾為自己增添快樂

Dressing in the morning is not just a physical act – it’s also about mentally prepping myself for the day. Hence, one last thing I always do before I leave is to put on an accessory that makes me happy. Maybe it’s putting on those diamond earrings you bought yourself for your birthday, or stacking on some rings that you scored at a flea market. Or maybe it just looks pretty, and hence makes you happy! For myself, I have quite an interest in horoscopes, so my most common go-to is my Capricorn Necklace (yup I’m one!), which classic design makes it perfect for the workplace too. Its studded Swarovski crystals, almost like stars plucked from constellations, always make me feel confident and beautiful. Do note that I said to add ONE accessory, not a whole armful of them, because you definitely don’t want to over-accessorize. Even Coco Chanel lived by that mantra.



The most important thing about getting dressed in the morning is to make yourself ready to take on the world. Hopefully with the above tips, you will be able to do that both quickly and stylishly from now on.


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