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Classic High Mountain Oolong
Classic High Mountain Oolong

Classic High Mountain Oolong

Our Oolong tea is located at 1900m above sea level in Central Taiwan, providing ideal growing conditions under cool weather all year round. Prized by Taiwanese tea connoisseurs, the tea has a buttery smooth taste with a hint of floral aroma, leaving a unique smokiness aftertaste.

37mg Caffeine 

Origin: Taiwan

Ingredients: Oolong Tea

Weight:10 Tea Bags (3g each) for Pack, 15 Tea Bags (3g each) for Glass Jar

Brewing Instruction



1. Skin Care

Containing a cocktail of potent antioxidants, oolong loads you with benefits that range from eliminating age spots to warding off wrinkles and saggy skin!

2. Weight Loss

Oolong tea contains enzymes that facilitates stored fat metabolism in the body and burning off dietary carbohydrates.

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