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Hot Caramel Apple
Hot Caramel Apple

Hot Caramel Apple

A soothing caffeine-free blend that is wonderful as a sinless treat on its own, or as a dessert-pairing tea, this antioxidant rich infusion brews to a beautiful deep color with overtones of sweet caramel and delicious apple.
USDA Organic, Caffeine Free
Origin: South Africa
Ingredients: Organic Rooibos Tea, Apple and Caramel flavor
Weight: 10 Tea Bags (3g each) for Pack, 15 Tea Bags (3g each) for Glass Jar

 Brewing Instruction



1. Antioxidant  

Rooibos tea is rich in polyphenols. Protecting bodies by fighting free radicals or unstable cells that attack healthy cells. Help to remove wrinkle and saggy skin.

2. Digestive aid 

Rooibos tea is also rich in antispasmodic agents that activate potassium ions in the body. It aid digestion and ease stomach cramps. The antipasmodic agents help to digestive tract by smoothing out muscles in the gut.