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Golden Chrysanthemum Flower
Golden Chrysanthemum Flower
Golden Chrysanthemum Flower
Golden Chrysanthemum Flower

Golden Chrysanthemum Flower

A soothing cup of warm golden floral tea can do the magic! They are carefully hand picked and dehydrated to make sure every flower is well preserved. This floral tea has a pleasantly light and sweet flavor. 

Pesticide Free, Heavy metal Free and Caffeine free

Origin: Jiangxi Province, China

Ingredients: Golden Chrysanthemum Flower

Weight: 23g (Loose)


1. Detox

It is good for detoxification of liver and lowering cholesterol levels.  It is suitable for anyone with insufficient sleep and unbalanced diet.

2. Natural Coolant

Everyone knows how golden chrysanthemum tea acts as an amazing natural coolant. This helps in lowering the temperature of the body when suffering from minor fever, headache and aids acne treatment.

3. Eye Relief

Give your eyes a break after keeping them glued to the screens all day long! From the traditional chinese medicine (TCM) perspective, it helps with the redness, dryness, dark spots or any discomfort from the eyes.