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Pearl Jasmine
Pearl Jasmine
Pearl Jasmine
Pearl Jasmine

Pearl Jasmine

The premium grade green tea has been mixed with fresh jasmine flowers to absorb their strong and fresh aroma. The tea leaves are harvested from tea shrubs at an altitude of 600M during spring to ensure they retain their delicate nature.

Pesticide free and Heavy metal free, 25mg 
Origin: Fujian Province, China
Ingredients: Chinese Green Tea, Jasmine Flower
Weight: 10 Tea Bags (3g each) for Pack, 15 Tea Bags (3g each) for Glass Jar

Brewing Instruction


1. Aromatherapy
Jasmine itself has medicinal properties and simply by inhaling the fragrance can reduce a person’s heart rate, thus a calming effect on nerves and mood.
2. Stress Relief
How to feel oh-so-amazing after a rough day? Through many generations, jasmine tea has been used for stress relief and as an anti-depressant.