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Pink French Rose
Pink French Rose
Pink French Rose
Pink French Rose

Pink French Rose

A mildly fragrant and delicate tisane that tastes and looks beautiful. These imported young rose buds are freshly picked right before blooming, ensuring they are tightly wrapped to keep the aroma and flavour intact. Be creative and pop a few rose buds in your cake recipes, or even as your scents hydration spray!

Pesticide free, heavy metal free and caffeine free.
Origin: France
Ingredients: Pink French Rose
Weight: 50g (Loose)
Brewing Instruction
1. Beauty
Packed with anti-oxidants with anti-aging properties,achieving beauty that radiates from inside out. Drink this for kissable soft, toned and glowing skin!
2. Soothing
The calming effect can relieve your stress, depression and fatigue after a long day. Ideal for a cup before bed.
3. Blood Circulation
Has vitamins [A, B, C, E,K] that will boost your circulation. Good news for the ladies! This relieves menstrual cramps and regulates monthly moon’s cycle.

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