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Ninja Ryokucha
Ninja Ryokucha
Ninja Ryokucha
Ninja Ryokucha

Ninja Ryokucha

Specially blended of green tea, Matcha and Black Soybean (Kurokame) of Tampa Area. In feudal times, the ninja would carry a pouch of ground roasted kurokame and sesame due to its lightweight and nutritional properties.  Enjoy the scent of the seasons of Japan anywhere you go!
HACCP Pesticide free, 35mg Caffeine
Origin: Japan
Ingredients: Green Tea, Matcha and Black SoyBean (Kurokame)
Weight: 10 Tea Bags (3g each) for Pack, 15 Tea Bags (3g each) for Glass Jar
Brewing Instruction


1. Weight Loss and Detox
Wonderful secret of how Japanese maintain their weight and health! Black beans (Kuromame) has been long used in Chinese medicine to clear toxins too!
2. Skincare
Releases antioxidants from the skin of the beans, turning you into a glowing ninja-esque goddess! Not to say, rich in iron too!
3. Cardiovascular Health
Has high concentrations of soluble fiber, which help lower blood cholesterol. Black beans also have omega-3 fatty acids, which are “good” forms of cholesterol!

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