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Pink Lemongrass
Pink Lemongrass
Pink Lemongrass
Pink Lemongrass

Pink Lemongrass

1. Soothing/Anti-Inflammatory

Therapeutic treatment for any joint pains and alleviating muscle spasms or sprains by relaxing the muscles. What a relief!

2. Daily Nutrition

Delivers nutritional benefits, with a 1-cup serving containing more than 10% of your recommended daily intake of magnesium, potassium, zinc and folate.
Well loved for its sweetness, smoothness and floral fragrance, this pure infusion of lemongrass tea has the ability to even relieve pains and provide anti bacterial effects for the skin! Limonene, linalool, nerol and mycrene are what give lemongrass these amazing benefits.
Plantation Direct, Non-Irradiated, Caffeine Free
Origin – Thailand
Ingredients: Pink Lemongrass, Stevia
Weight: 15 Tea Bags (3g each)
Brewing Instruction