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Slimming Puerh
Slimming Puerh
Slimming Puerh
Slimming Puerh

Slimming Puerh

1. Weight Loss

Unlike polyphenols from green tea, it is the integrative action of effective microorganisms that reduces the absorption of sugar in small intestine. This aids with the slimming of waist and abdomen.

2. For People with a Weak Stomach

This is the option for you!  With abundant microorganism in it, Shou Pu-erh produces a membrane to cover stomach wall, adding a layer of protection. A frequent drinker will prevent any future discomfort.
Our premium grade “Shou” (ripened) Pu-erh is of top-notch quality. They are harvested from 300 year old trees on an altitude of 1800M and fermented well to give off deliciously earthy and full bodied flavour.
Pesticide free and Heavy metal free, 60mg Caffeine
Origin: – Yunnan Province, China
Ingredients: Puerh Tea
Weight: 15 Tea Bags (2.5g each)
Brewing Instruction